Thistledown books have the power to engage audiences with their ideas. They also have the power to entertain, challenge, and stimulate thinking. They are not for the slight of mind.

Characteristics of Thistledown readers as collected by the infamous Whittle Nod muse:

Thistledown readers:

  • are open to every idea but submissive only to some.
  • never say never when the plot gets complicated.
  • love words, even the odd, and ugly ones.
  • distinguish the top of the mind from the bottom of the mind.
  • relish the tension of unspeakable moments.
  • suspect that in a fiction everything is exactly what the writer says it is.
  • know how to distinguish homegrown from hybrid.
  • like to distinguish the trance from the dream.
  • leave their inhibitions at page one.
  • treasure the ontological moment.
  • find truth is an obvious boat in a sea of lies.
  • amaze themselves with their reading prowess.
  • live vicariously and then experiment in themselves.
  • usually cast the movie rights after reading the book.
  • believe bookmarks must be relinquished at puberty.
  • know that genius in writing is revealed through genius in reading.

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