Writers and Readers

Thistledown has no answer to the question as to why writers write. We do, however, have some experienced reflections on why writers publish with us. First of all, of the hundreds of writers we have published, few have been able to make a living out of writing. Most Thistledown writers remain undaunted by this reality because most write for reasons other than profit.

While Thistledown has done much to encourage the possibility of Andy Warhol’s aesthetic that “in the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes”, the actual equation between fleeting fame and publishing a book only works some of the time. A further conclusion we have drawn from this is that Thistledown writers are not driven by such public recognition, though there may be moments when a book award changes everything.

When Thistledown began publishing it was motivated by the respect we had for the writer’s craft and the magical mix that made a writer’s voice distinctive. While one may dominate the other, there is usually a “quality” that can be perceived when both these elements are present. It certainly isn’t a perfect science for publishing but it is something that has guided our selection process through the years.

So, for those of you who write because you must, because it is what you do, and for those of you who want to write rather than just be seen as a writer, Thistledown may be interested in your work. Check our Submission Guidelines.


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