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Thistledown's Teacher Resource Guides differ from our Student Response Guides. The Teacher Resource Guides have a much enriched approach to student response discussions and provide more formal cognitive exercises. A premium is placed on student opinion and imagination. As effective as they are, they were not created to be a replacement for or representation of the teacher's critical analysis of the work.



70 pages / paper

Short Story Anthology Guide

Middle Years

The Blue Jean Collection Teacher Resource Guide

ISBN: 978-1-895449-18-1

 The intent of this guide is to focus on the content of each of the stories, as well as the ideas associated with each one, and to provide suggestions for student discussions, projects, assignments and writings. For a better understanding of the writer's craft, writing technique has been highlighted and a Glossary of Terms provided. Many of the short stories can be used to complement one another, and the guide suggests possible combinations. The suggestions in this guide are not intended as the only way that a story may be viewed, but are a direction to potentially exciting literary experiences. The final decision of which selections to use and whether to focus intensively or extensively must rest with that individual who best knows his or her class - the teacher.

The guide presents each of the stories in the context of the following:

  • Focus;
  • Writing Technique;
  • Commentary;
  • Reader Response; and
  • Further Resource Material

    For thematic connections see specific title.

    This guide is free with each class set purchase of 20 or more


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