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Thistledown's Teacher Resource Guides differ from our Student Response Guides. The Teacher Resource Guides have a much enriched approach to student response discussions and provide more formal cognitive exercises. A premium is placed on student opinion and imagination. As effective as they are, they were not created to be a replacement for or representation of the teacher's critical analysis of the work.



124 pages / paper

For Short Story Collections:

Paradise Café and Other Stories
The Blue Camaro
Laws of Emotion

Grades 11 & 12

Short Fiction Teacher Resource Guide

ISBN: 978-1-895449-48-8

 The Thistledown Short Fiction Guide includes:
R. P. MacIntyre's The Blue Camaro,
Alison Lohans' Laws of Emotion, and
Martha Brooks' Paradise Café and Other Stories.

In writing it, the authors of the guide considered the following principles:

  • Using student-centred instruction;
  • Using a variety of teaching strategies to build and refine students' literary, writing, and communicative skills;
  • Encouraging students to respond to literature in different ways: hence, oral, auditory, and visual activities are interwoven with reading and writing excercises throughout the Guide;
  • Emphasizing to students the importance of developing literary and communication skills.

The short stories in each collection are formatted into the following sections: SUMMARY, SKILLS AND CONCEPTS, TEACHING STRATEGIES, and PERSONAL RESPONSE TO LITERATURE/ JOURNAL WRITING.

For thematic connections see specfic title.

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