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Short Story Anthology Guide
48 pages / paper

Middle years

Notes Across the Aisle - Teacher Resource Guide

ISBN: 978-1-895449-63-1

The intent of this guide is to focus on the content of each of the stories found in Notes Across the Aisle, as well as the ideas associated with each one, and to provide suggestions for student discussions, projects, assignments and writings. For a better understanding of the writer's craft, writing technique has been highlighted and a Glossary of Terms provided.

The guide incorporates current reading response theory but also provides traditional literary activities. The aims of interaction between the student and the work are guided by the assumption that the reader is not passive, nor that all "meaning" resides in the text. Rather, the intention of this guide is to involve the student in all phases of the reading process. The teacher therefore is not the sole organizer of the response. This guide aims to have the teacher create the atmosphere and situations which encourage and develop the student's response, and to act as the medium for the written work. The teacher should manage the classroom so that the student takes responsibility for the reading experience.

The guide presents each story of the anthology in the context of the following format:

  • Focus
  • Writing Technique
  • Reader Response
  • Creative work in Writing, Oral and Drama, Enrichment and Entertainment.

For thematic connections see specific title.

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