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Thistledown Student Response Guides are intended to provide effective support materials for those teachers with large classes and those with split grades. The guides provide essential interaction with the work being read, as well as significant skill set activities and questions that allow for independent study. They are only effective if the teacher has read the source for the guide, and they are not a magic bullet. The teacher's own understanding of the source material must provide a basis for any critical analysis and assessment.


The Student Response Guides contain the fundamentals for student reading response. Traditional ELA terminology and methodology is used. There are questions, probes, and investigations of varying difficulty. All work with our recommended grade level for the Thistledown book the student is reading.




student response guide

 123 pages / paper

The Mayer Mystery Series Teacher Resource Guide

ISBN: 978-1-894345-21-7


Student Response Guide for:

The Mystery of the Missing Will

The Mystery of the Turtle Lake Monster

Suspicion Island


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