Whether you are a librarian who works at a public library or one who works at school library, one of the tasks required of you is to select and order books. For the school librarian this means that you will be selecting for students and in some cases supplementing what teachers are using in their classrooms.

Providing easy access to quality approved books for your students is a valuable resource that Thistledown can provide. With a continual stream of new books and a proven list of Canadian curricula approved titles, we are a quick and reliable source.

Additionally, beginning in 2011 Thistledown will begin offering books in electronic formats. We know that Canadian libraries have been offering access to ebooks for years. We know there are huge economic and convenience factors associated with online borrowing, Watch for Thistledown books on this site and with ebook aggregators. Whether you want to add to your Canadian materials, or upgrade your young adult reading materials, Thistledown is a long-trusted name in providing these book resources.

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