The Human Condition

ironic psychological novel of a young man who spurns all work
The Infidel
a journalist learns first hand of the Kurdish genocide in Turkey
Back Track
First Nations tale of myth, murder, and alienation
The Fungus Garden
human develops philosophy in a termite colony


The Social Experience
Raising Orion
an eccentric Halifax woman’s journey to self-discovery

an interconnected novel that explores the phenomenon of The Six Degrees of Separation

Mostly Happy
real-as-nails story of dysfunctional family and the girl who survives it
Charlie Muskrat
First Nations satirical road trip of self-discovery   Enriched
The Places Where Names Vanish
Spanish-speaking Ecuadorian girl battles cultural conflicts as an immigrant in Montreal   Enriched
Filling The Belly
a young woman struggles with her dreams in her small Maritime community
The Streets Of Winter
modern Montrealers grapple with forces of alienation and self-discovery
Where The Rocks Say Your Name
mining town teens struggle with their difficult lives
The Second Season of Jonas McPherson
the magical life of an aging mariner

 Diverse Lands and Peoples

The Wolsenberg Clock
creation of an astronomical clock by European geniuses
The Reddening Path
young woman’s search for her roots takes her to South America
The Plough’s Share
Boer war veteran returns home to Canada
A Stone In My Pocket
19th Century Ontario girl seeks her independence in a male world
The Story of Blue Eye
young First Nations man aspires to horse trading empire in 19th Century
a young Doukhobor man comes to terms with his culture

 Diverse Voices: Balancing Culture with Heritage

Charlie Muskrat
a definitive First Nations satire
Never Going Back
friends confront themselves and each other long after a teen’s suicide
Filling The Belly
a young woman struggles to separate her dreams from the harsh realities of rugged Newfoundland
Alexander’s Way
an American Quaker finds new life as a trader in the 18th Century Pikuni Territory
Billy Tinker
northern Cree maverick balances mythological realities and hard living
Blind Man’s Drum
classic reflections on growing up in small prairie town
The Plough’s Share
Boer War veteran pioneers in the hard Canadian west
The Places Where Names Vanish
Spanish-speaking Canadian immigrant to Canada must choose between English and French  Enriched

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