Anthologies and Stand Alone Collections

Thistledown’s Grade 12 curriculum resources include novels, short stories, essays, drama, and poetry. The fiction includes a wide range of writing styles from traditional narratives such as science fiction, allegorical and satirical to more complex styles such as stream of consciousness, magic realism and other postmodern forms. The poetry includes models of narrative, blank verse, free verse, and lyric, as well as more eclectic traditional forms such as ghazal, villanelle, sonnet and ode. Thistledown teacher guides are available for many of these titles.

Key Anthologies For Grade 12
Thistledown Anthologies were built for student reading and study. They reflect the most dominant themes found in Grade12 teaching. Most are accompanied by Student Resource Guides that assist teaching activities. Thistledown anthologies facilitate immediate curricular activities and provide significant variety for reading and response. The works marked “Enriched” have language and content that will challenge students with vulnerable reading skills.
The Last Map Is The Heart
forty-two short fictions by
well-known Canadian writers
Under NeWest Eyes
twenty regionally-diverse
Canadian short stories
In The Clear
296 page poetry anthology encompassing geographical, ecological and social concerns highlighted in Grade 12 core themes — a definitive high school collection

Fire Beneath The Cauldron
twenty-two stories of
fierce imagination Enriched
The Eye In the Thicket
Contemporary essays on nature and the environment Enriched


Single author collections that provide a wide cross-reference of Grade 12 themes

Mennonites Don’t Dance
stories of ritual home-comings

A Traveller
Came By

stories on death and dying  Enriched
Boundary Country
stories about immigrants and Rockies mountain people  Enriched
The Secret Of The Northern Lights
humorous stories on First Nations life
Japanese Baseball
stories of tragic, comic, and mystical baseball
All In Together Girls
stories that celebrate the vitality of young women
Interwoven Wild
essays on nature and ecology  Enriched
Phantom Limb
essays on nature and family  Enriched
Journey Without
A Map

essays on Italian family life
The Crow Who Tampered With Time
essays on nature and the spirit  Enriched