Grade 12

Canada - Diverse Landscapes and Peoples

A Regional Perspective of Landscape and Nature

A Vast and Varied Land - A National Perspective

A Vast and Varied Land - A Regional Perspective

Canadian Identity

Nature and the Seasons

Regional Dialects

The Canadian People - Our National Character


Diverse Canadian Voices

Aboriginal Voices

Male and Female Voice

Marginalized Voices

Multicultural Voices

Regional Voices

Voices Through Time


The Human Condition (Global)

A Sense of Self - Discovering Who We Are

Joys, Doubts, Fears

Personal Relationships

Qualities and Ideals


The Social Experience (Global)

Addressing the Issues

Ambition, Power, and the Common Good

Beyond Personal Goals

Causes and Crusades

Conformity and Rebellion

Dealing with External Issues

Individual and Societal Responsibility

Social Criticism

Truth and Justice


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