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The Lavender Child

ISBN: 978-1-895449-72-3


A year in the lives, dreams and awakenings of the Protheroe family. Baby Dion is brain-damaged at birth, yet he is a sweet and powerful influence on his parents, his five sisters and his grandparents. Under his spell, the reader travels through the minds of three generations: a group of wonderfully individual people who nevertheless define family in a wholly original and exciting way.

This novel provides an intimate connection to the study of family values and responsibilities. Senior students will be riveted.

The Lavender Child reminds me of the best of Anne Tyler and Barbara Kingsolver, confident, witty, tender and smart . . "An auspicious debut, sassy, clear-eyed and beautifully told.” – Sandra Birdsell

  • Winner of the 1998 Saskatchewan Book Award for Best First Book


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