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Something To Hang On To

ISBN: 978-1-897235-57-7

In the title story of Something to Hang On To, award-winning author Beverley Brenna develops the story of Taylor Jane Simon, the protagonist from her acclaimed young adult novel Wild Orchid, portraying Taylor’s return to city life after the wild orchid summer. Taylor’s story is just one narrative from the assembly of distinctive characters who inhabit this inventive collection of teen short stories, and readers will find the other characters just as compelling.

With warmth and immediacy, Brenna explores adversity from a variety of angles. Many protagonists in this collection deal with serious life issues: loss, family violence, autism, Down Syndrome, and marginalization by a society that judges without really seeing. From a boogie-boarding Australian who finds community in surfer culture to a young Cree girl with a unique gift, the twelve stories that comprise Something to Hang On To vary in time, place, and perspective. In addition to first and third person narrations, the collection even includes an existentialist one-act play. Offering pathos as well as zany humour, these stories share important messages about courage and finding your way, along with the belief that when the going gets tough, we all need something to hang on to.

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