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One On One

ISBN: 978-1-894345-80-4

Seamlessly shifting between the tensions of competitive hockey and corporate malpractice in the oil and gas industry in Alberta, Beveridge’s newest novel is a contemporary gem.

Over the years, Sean has grown to resent his father’s perfectionism and interference in his hockey. He faces enough pressure dealing with the goaltending competition to make the Mustangs. However, he’s determined to give it his best shot and do it his way, even if that doesn’t satisfy his father. After all, his father isn’t perfect. He’s being charged with negligence following a fatal accident on one of his well sites. Is his father guilty? When Sean discovers that the dead man is actually the father of his prospective girlfriend, Laura, he decides to investigate the credence of his father’s story. Sean’s dilemma grows when he discovers that he alone may hold critical evidence in the case of his father’s negligence. Alone, he must face the challanges of understanding his moral code and measuring his own potential.

Ages 9-13


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