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In the land of Perin, the mystical Firedrake is the source of power and longevity for the evil ruling Arkanan wizards. But signs portend their doom: The maggots disappeared, and Varian shot a scornful look at Hinton as she replied. “The same thing, Kron, always the same. The Firedrake destroyed by our three enemies, a blind woman, a madman, and a wizard.” Although Shan cannot see well and is barely an adult, she teams up with her unlikely companions — a madman (a handsome but rather depressed warrior) and a wizard (a well-intentioned but ineffective magician) — to destroy the Firedrake and free the Perinan people.

Echoing the best of the new sword and sorcery tradition, Firedrake takes its place beside the work of Robert Jordan and Elizabeth Haydon. Firedrake is in breadth, scope and style one of the most ambitious and successful young adult fantasy novels yet written.

Ages 9-13


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