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Brondings' Honour

ISBN: 978-1-897235-01-0

Following her dazzling debut young adult novel Firedrake, Ann Ewan once again creates a unique fantasy world with an indelible set of characters, but this time the achievement is marked by a darker quest. In Brondings’ Honour, there is intense conflict as the hero, Dayraven, clashes against the powerful forces of Alcuin. Dayraven is the healer for her isolated and warlike clan, and although the role does not belong to a woman, it is she who is magically chosen to make the dangerous journey far from home, and she who must avenge the death of a clan leader and take his place. While self doubt and personal weakness challenge her will to go on, Dayraven learns that evil can be defeated if you are honest and courageous.
Ewan’s love of Old English and Irish Gaelic is clearly present in the dialogue, as is her fascination with the traditional black arts, wizardry, spells, charms, and enchantment.

Ages 13+

  • 2007 CCBC "Our Choice" selection


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