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All In Together Girls

ISBN: 978-1-897235-24-9

 Candid and truthful stories about women, young and old, grappling with generational wariness, creative recklessness, and illusive purpose celebrate all that is beautiful, wild and distinctive in contemporary women. The title, All In Together Girls,is inspired by a jump rope rhyme, and the stories are a meeting place for girls as surely as the chant would have been on the playground. These stories relate the relentless search for identity, and the late night drive-through culture of bored teens whose “sleepover” alibis have left them with no place else to go. Hallmarked by entrances into, and thought-provoking points of exit from, moments of addiction, betrayal, misjudgement, and first love, they are defining portraits of girls and women during the storm and stress of self-discovery.

"Sutherland's stories are clearly focused, straightforward, and eminently readable. It's obvious that she cares deeply for her characters, but does not pander to them, forcing them to earn what they know and suffer when they make a mistake." — Bill Robertson, Saskatoon StarPhoenix (Oct 2007)


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