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When the World Is Not Our Home

ISBN: 978-1-897235-67-6


When the World is Not Our Home includes nearly fifty poems by one of Canada’s most distinctive literary voices. Selected from titles published between 1985 and 2000, these poems issued in small print runs became quickly out of print and are often now only available through rare book collectors. Part diviner, part sorceress, but always direct, confident and humorous, Susan Musgrave reaffirms readers of her distinctive place in Canadian letters.

“Musgrave approaches her subject in the manner of Salvador Dali — she distorts reality until it approximates her bizarre vision of the world.” — The Globe and Mail

“Tapping into fears and subconscious yearnings has been Susan Musgrave’s trademark from her earliest work, Songs of the Sea Witch, where she found inspiration and direction in classical and aboriginal mythology. Now she is able to locate the mythic element anywhere, in a death, a ferry ride, a failed photographic expedition, even in reading someone’s else’s collected poems!” — BC Bookworld

“She casts a spell and haunts us...she is a mythmaker...within her beats a heart that welcomes flooding darkness in which to brew special magic.” — Montreal Gazette


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