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A Matins Flywheel

ISBN: 978-1-77187-191-4

In his new book of poems, A Matins Flywheel, John Lent brings a life-long fascination with literary forms to the hybrid prose/poetry of a new long poem called “Matins for St. Agnes of The Crossroads: 62nd Avenue and 109th Street, Edmonton”, and to the new, loose, genre-mixing poems and prose sketches about growing up in Edmonton, Lent’s love of jazz, his travel to Prague, and his remembering the writing legacy of Robert Kroetsch. Because these meditations and poems are rooted in the visceral struggles to find the necessary love and honesty required to live through some harrowing health events, these meditations surface close to the bones of our contemporary lives and celebrate an almost unearthly delight in texture and breath and light and love. 

“All the glittering, hilarious muck of grace — that’s what’s here: all of the doggy and sun-edged textures of grace. John Lent’s A Matins Flywheel is a book of exquisite meditations that makes up an entire world—you just go into it, you wander around inside, and you are changed utterly by its rainy, profound, dazzling days and nights.” — Jake Kennedy, author of Hazard, The Lateral, and Merz Structure No. 2: Burnt by Children at Play.

A Matins Flywheel — a bibliography of the saints of poetry, literature, and music; a late-life and very personal “defence” of the living truths of art; an awesome sanctus for the beauty of the world — is John Lent’s finest and most important testament. From the complicated standpoint of someone given a “second chance” after a near-fatal heart attack and in his tenderness toward the health concerns of his beloved wife Jude, Lent actively proposes in this gorgeous text that his subject, as Patti Smith says of her own in 'M Train', is 'life.' This is one of the most heartening books I’ve read in years. It is also a serious reckoning we should all take note of and be inspired by.” — Sharon Thesen


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