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Third Times the Charm

ISBN: 978-1-897235-20-1

A spell-binding tale combining a fascination with magic, a bit of sleuthing, and the charm of adolescent antics with a unique slant on historical witch-hunts.

Third Times The Charm brings together three estranged orphans who, under the protection of their great aunt Abadelle, must find their place in one of the most powerful and esteemed witch families; the Dramsmits. But their transformation from lost waifs into upper class gentry, with its benefits of a regal manor and servants, comes with new responsibility. To protect their arcane lineage from the dark forces that murdered their parents and grandmother, Sharron, Wally and Chip must combine their fledgling power and honour their familial bond.

If you are thinking Canadian Harry Potter (times three!) you are right on the money. This being said, I think this book is very well written, fast paced and interesting. It also is less complicated and less dark than that other wizard story so concerned parents of the younger set might find this book a viable alternative.
Resource Links (Vol 13, 1, Oct 2007)

Ages: 8-11


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