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The Youngest Spy

ISBN: 978-1-897235-17-1

Set against a backdrop of rising Canadian nationalism, The Youngest Spy follows the extraordinary exploits of a fourteen-year-old Canadian boy, caught up in the drama of the American Civil War. George Duguay’s father has joined the Yankee army, leaving him in charge of the family farm. George makes a very unlikely spy but when he uncovers a plot that could result in an American invasion of Canada he, at first, relishes the adventure of his double life: meeting Confederate gentlemen, American detectives and British agents. However, as the shady side of the job reveals itself, forcing him to betray the man he considered a friend, he becomes a victim of conflicting loyalties. With strategic savvy, George is finally able to declare his own independence and save his imprisoned father. This fictionalization of historical events offers an entertaining lesson in social issues, Canadian-American history, and moral decision-making.




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