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The King Of Arugula

ISBN: 978-1-897235-21-8

— "You hear that?" his first words were to me.
— "That's the sound of the worms and spiders sharpening their knives."
— “How did you end up in this hole, Mr Flex?”
— "That's a very good question," he said. "I'd have to say it began with a bowl of soup."

Christopher Millin's adventure abounds with creepy fun and features a memorable cast of players including a vicious hyper monkey, plagues of locust, a museum of human legs, and a tomato-growing, one-eyed giant with a deliciously evil plan. The story’s narrator, is trapped in a nasty hole with the strange Mr. Flex who recounts the quest of ten-year-old Onus to restore the sight of his friend, Twig. With the help of Onus' sister’s ghost, Isis, and the green-haired, tattooed punker, Clay, the boys set out to find the source of the magic tomato of Arugula responsible for Twig's blindness, not quite anticipating the sinister events that await them. Fittingly, for boys on a quest, they must outwit and defeat the evil intentions of the villainous leg collector William Ernest Fang, who though evil, really has his own sad story to tell.

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