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The Kayak

ISBN: 978-1-897235-71-3

Being involved in sports took Teresa’s mind off some of the demands that teens typically face, but after she was hit by a car while jogging, she realized that fate can strike at any time and that what happens next defines you.
Living her life in a wheelchair limits Teresa’s choices profoundly. Smothered by her overbearing parents, she finds personal power, peace, and independence only by kayaking. On the water she is in control of her life, capable, connected. In her kayak her anger, disappointment, and embarrassment give way to confidence, and the return to land always weighs heavily on her.

One day, Teresa rescues a wind surfer, and meeting him seems to alter the course of her life. Jamie doesn’t look away from her wheelchair, and wants to know her better. He triggers her long wished-for feelings of acceptance and belonging, and she begins to see herself differently — not just as a victim in a wheelchair, nor as a maven of the kayak, but rather someone who can bridge the experience of those extremes. But Teresa knows that if she is going to be with Jamie she will have to push herself to try things that she has never tried before. As she adapts to her changing world, she begins to realize that people’s motives are not entirely transparent, and lurking beneath the surface are unknown forces that can sweep you away.

Ages 8-12

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