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Grace And The Ice Prince

ISBN: 978-1-897235-09-6

The Montreal ice storms of 1998, give life to Joyce Scharf's bewitching story in which a mysterious diamond initiates a girl's journey to self-discovery. To trade in the familiarity of her winter routine for a whispered promise of an Ice Prince, Grace discovers a magical ice kingdom where, she realizes, time has literally frozen. Her quest to find the ice-castle that was revealed to her in her dreams leads her through a series of adventures, punctuated with charming Medieval royalty, magic mirrors, mythical creatures, and granted wishes. Along the way, the mystery surrounding the long-lost diamond begins to unravel, and by following her heart and intuition, Grace comes to understand its priceless value and significance to her mission. With a little self-confidence and trust in her new friend the Ice Prince, Grace discovers her own potential and saves a kingdom that, only a few days before, she never knew existed.


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