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You Can't Stay Here

ISBN: 978-1-77187-144-0

Jasmina Odor’s rich, sensual writing invites us to step into the shoes of Croatian immigrants living in Canada, and the Croatian soldiers and families who remain behind. Each passionate story in this collection varies in perspective, and yet all share undertones of the trauma of life during wartime. 

Through the stories in You Can’t Stay Here, we are transported to the warm Adriatic Sea, rented rooms, wartime frontlines, and Canadian suburbia. We fall in love with those conflicted by their broken families, as well as immigrants, travellers, and refugees as they embark on their difficult searches for place and finding a home. In this debut collection, we are left feeling overwhelming care for our fellow neighbours and countrymen.

“My first impression of Jasmina Odor’s work was of fiction precisely made in order to capture chaotic times, vivid emotions and lurking danger. I read her early stories but I felt then — as I still feel — that I was reading the work of an experienced writer, someone who knows things I am grateful to learn.”
— André Alexis, Giller Prize-winning author of Fifteen Dogs


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