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Orchestra of the Lost Steps

ISBN: 978-1-894345-67-5

The thirteen stories in Orchestra of the Lost Steps are imbued with insight, and secured by Leedahl’s composed voice. These are traditional stories that burst with stunning emotional moments; stories that avoid ornament and excessive description or dialogue in order to allow readers a real connection to her characters’ lives.

Set widely across Canadian landscapes with travel into Mexico and Venezuela, her characters reveal glimpses of love, marriage, disillusionment, acts of healing and destruction played out on the personal battlegrounds of everyday life.
Shelley Leedahl is to the prairies what Lisa Moore is to Atlantic Canada.

“These stories are told from the point of view of an interesting range of voices. The stories themselves are full of the tensions and resolutions of lives often lived in the extreme . . . immensely readable and engaging.”
— Austin Clarke and Helen Humphreys (Judges, John V Hicks Manuscript Competition.)

“vigorous, economical, and precise prose, immediacy, fearlessness — qualities that combine to produce an unexpected and unusual sense of hyper-reality in Leedahl’s collection Orchestra of the Lost Steps. I found these stories gripping.” — Sharon Butala


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