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Nothing Sacred

ISBN: 978-1-897235-63-8

Lori Hahnel’s stories fracture stereotypes of the sanctity of marriage, the values of good people, and the expected happy ending. Provocative, talkative, sardonic and glib, Hahnel’s characters strike friction between the sentimental values of bygone Hollywood flicks and the misgivings of lower class life in western Canada. In their attempts to stretch their skins over frames of idealism, they turn to bygone Hollywood films and popular icons. These are the stories of the everyday and commonplace, where superstars become leaping comparisons for personalities and appearances, and working in retail or having a motel romance is as good as it gets.

“These are intimate voices in Lori Hahnel’s stories. They draw us in with a sense of privacy and privilege. Yearning, wistful, and wise-cracking, they beg understanding, from the world and for themselves. Nothing Sacred satisfies like a late night visit with a close friend and a bottle of good wine.” — Betty Jane Hegerat, author of Running Toward Home

“Lori Hahnel’s stories unravel seductive lines of pretzel logic, revealing bright new planets of mischief and music and mystery. This collection is a sly balancing act of yearning and humour, night cool and power pop, regret and miscreant wit.” — Mark Anthony Jarman, author of My White Planet

Nothing Sacred is a wonderful read, full of idiosyncratic people faced with tough choices. In these riveting stories, Lori Hahnel mixes economy with generosity. She writes sparely, yet at the same time, brings in an abundance of delicious, sometimes disturbing detail.” — Rona Altrows, author of A Run On Hose


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