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Never Going Back

ISBN: 978-1-897235-69-0


When the anniversary of a suicide reunites five former friends who haven’t seen each other for ten years, each is forced to confront secrets from the past — secrets that lock their present lives in limbo. Through the perspectives of Siobhan, Evan and Lance, layers of the past peel away to expose connections to the central trauma of their shared lives.
Never Going Back is set in a small town in the BC interior, where potheads, loggers, environmentalists, conspiracy theorists, and aging hippies provide a vibrant backdrop to the dark themes explored in the narrative.
This story is about memory, loss and redemption, and moving beyond nostalgia and into the future with perspective and understanding. It focuses on the role that many of us play in a tragedy, watching helplessly from the sidelines, believing we are not involved when, in fact, we are.

“Banyard has written an engaging novel, original in concept and convincing in its portrait of the people of a unique and intriguing place.” — Jack Hodgins


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