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Lucia's Masks

ISBN: 978-1-927068-44-1

Lucia’s Masks follows a group of six strangers who meet by chance while each one is fleeing the barbaric and thought-controlling totalitarian regime of The City. As they journey to the North, where they hope they can be free of the ever-present Eye and establish a free society, their individual stories are interwoven dexterously by author Wendy MacIntyre.

The principal voice belongs to Lucia. A sculptress and lover of art, Lucia is forced to clean office buildings for the regime and to hide her beloved potter’s wheel from sight. When she finds her most precious possession destroyed, the final straw has been broken and Lucia flees The City. She takes with her a ball of potter’s clay and a copy of the death mask of John Keats; both constant reminders in a desolate, art-starved world of the inherent power humankind possesses to create great beauty.

Lucia’s companions on the road to freedom include: the Outpacer, a former extreme hedonist and philanderer who now hides his identity behind a monk’s cowl; Bird Girl, a young woman constantly hunting for books as all but a few have been destroyed by the regime; Harry, an 88 year-old survivor of a society that detests the elderly; and Candace, a dominant individual whose repeated attempts to assume control creates one of the primary sources of tension in the novel.

In addition to battling forces of the regime, the group must confront their own minds which have become so contaminated by the world they long to escape that their own psyches threaten to become their most insurmountable obstacles. Then, one day, with the bickering and frailties increasing, they encounter an old box with six Greek tragedy masks inside. These masks, possessors of uncanny powers, are destined to be the key to their fortunes.


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