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ISBN: 978-1-894345-53-8

There was a man who called himself Coyote. He blew up bridges to clearcut logging sites. He liberated zoos, and torched shopping malls in the night. Then he died, twenty years ago, in a botched factory sabotage. Or did he?

A terrifying and troubled Brian doesn't believe it — he's come to Artemis Island to find a ‘retired’ Coyote, and kill him. It will be one of several murders.

RCMP Inspector, Janwar Singh, is poised to become the Chief of Homicide — if he can find his way through the maze of evidence.

In this dazzling “ethical thriller” novelist and poet, Brian Brett and a wildly unreliable narrator employ every trick in the storyteller’s arsenal, dancing us from slapstick to horror, from Godel’s Proof to oyster hunting, from high comedy to lyric portraits of one of the legendary Gulf Islands, while engaging in a wicked argument with the reader and the world we are losing.

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