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 Devin Krukoff’s debut novel offers a bizarrely entertaining premise: the purpose of life is to avoid work in all its manifestations. Acknowledging the psychological architecture of his life, Richard Parks reconstructs the anatomy of this singular philosophy from his earliest recognitions. Whether drawing his slacker’s inspiration from his original muse — a grade school boy with leukemia — exploiting his father’s death for charity and pity, or devising the strategies that would parlay illness and injury into personal gains, Richard’s twisted reality attracts our morbid curiosity like a roadside accident, often generating wicked laughter.

The self-destructive exploits of Richard Parks, “demigod in the Church of the Useless”, leave a scattered trail of disturbingly brilliant images that shape his world of avoidance, disease, and reclusive plotting. Compensation is a refreshing affront to our politically correct sensibilities.



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