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ISBN: 978-1-77187-108-2

Cluck is a darkly comic novel about Henry, an only child whose mother has bipolar disorder. As a teen, Henry becomes a radio junkie lost in the world of music. As a young man, he becomes obsessed with a female DJ whose evening show mysteriously beams out of Idaho and into his car while he’s driving over Vancouver’s Lions Gate Bridge. Henry has to live his life in the shadow cast by his mother, but he never completely gives up hope that he can find his place. In his thirties, his life slowly starts to open in positive directions, including sporadic success with chicken farming, outsider art (he calls himself a knit reactor), and romance. It’s not until Henry is in his fifties that he comes into his own and feels free to be himself, but not without one final struggle with his own quirkiness.

Cluck was a finalist in The Great BC Novel Contest (2013), and a version of a chapter was shortlisted for a story contest run by the American literary journal Glimmer Train.


"Cluck almost defies description. It's an upbeat, humorous and yet also poignant and strangely believable novel — original but never daft. Henry emerges as a likeable victim who struggles hugely to find his place in the world against formidable odds." — Cherie Thiessen, BC BookWorld


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