Glynis Whiting

 Glynis Whiting has been writing professionally for over thirty years. For the past twenty years her focus has been writing, directing, and producing documentary films, such as the award-winning Weight of the World and Worst Case Scenerio. Recently she has turned her pen to prose and, based on an early manuscript of her first novel, A Nose for Death, she received the Vancouver Mayor’s Award for Emerging Literary Artist. She is now working on the second of the Nosey Parker Murder Mysteries. Glynis Whiting currently lives in Port Moody, British Columbia.  



296 pages / paper

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A Nose for Death

ISBN: 978-1-927068-40-3

Chemist Dr. Joan Parker’s ability to identify scents rivals any other person on the planet. She can distinguish cane sugar from beet sugar, burning pine from spruce, and a man on the make from a man on the take. Combining scents and flavours for the food industry is her occupation and her passion.

Joan is at first confused when she receives a reunion invitation to Madden High, the school from which she never graduated. After the death of her father, the family had moved away. Her estranged husband, Mort, convinces her to attend. In short order she becomes the prime suspect in the murder of Roger Rimmer, her high school classmate and a man with whom she has had more than a passing association.

When the only person who can explain why she was invited to the reunion is found dead, Joan turns her olfactory skills to the investigation.

Her ability to understand the effects of all of the senses on human emotion and behaviour leads Joan “Nosey” Parker to the killer in A Nose for Death, and a new reputation as a serious crime-solver.


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