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The Dance Floor Tilts

ISBN: 978-1-77187-152-5

As the dance floor of life tilts beneath our feet, do we keep dancing? In this inspired collection of Susan Alexander’s poems, we sway to the rhythms of passion and death, of family, myth and benediction. In worlds where cow-eyed goddesses steal nymph’s tongues and steering wheels are taken over by octopi, there are no established signposts. The individual moments making up the tune of this poet’s life offer the possibility of finding the beauty within the everyday resonance of our own existence.

“Susan Alexander’s creations are testament to John Berger’s assertion that poems are closer to prayer than they are to prose. Especially in the last section, I felt as if I’d come upon a contemporary book of common prayer, each entry fresh and deeply resonant, rich with the details of daily life and the poet’s desire to touch the sacred. It is in her boldness to do so, in her clear-eyed vision, and in her humble acceptance of human frailties that these poems shine.” — Lorna Crozier

“Susan Alexander’s debut collection picks us up and dances us through poems full of speed and urgency, poems about working in the family burger joint, about sorting cherries, about ashes. Poems about sex and saxophones. Dramatic and clear, tender, the poetry stories us along. Full of colour, it rocks us, cha cha’s us, waltzes us, tilting but steady, to the radiant end.” — Arleen Paré


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