Raye Hendrickson


Working as a massage therapist allows Raye Hendrickson to inhabit the inner workings of our bodies, and her poetry affords the opportunity to explore the challenges of our mind and spirit. Celebrating her home terrain of Saskatchewan, Hendrickson says the prairies allow her to breathe and feel a genuine sense of place. “I love my work as a massage therapist, and I love the work of poetry.” She lives and writes in Regina, Treaty 4 Territory. Her work has been published in Spring, The Society, and the anthology line dance.  





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Raye Hendrickson

 Hendrickson’s debut collection Five Red Sentries feeds our explorer nature. Nothing is too big or too small to kindle curiosity. From imagining what it feels like to be a “sheet of rain” or an acrobat in outer space “spring-boarding from the edge of the earth” to musing about prairie landscapes (“wide open space/spreads like a blanket”) Raye Hendrickson takes us on journeys that evoke deep and mysterious longings. She explores connections, and the depletion we feel when someone or something vital is lost to us (“death stole my grounding”). She explores her own inner terrain, using the image of walking the railway track as a forum for “questions about green or stars or skinned knees.” Finally, Hendrickson celebrates the emergence of strength (“heat/rises, fills my legs and feet, propels/me to dance, to carry myself tall”) and the joy of embracing life (“green, the colour of yes”).

“These are poems of keen observation, of questioning steeped in wisdom, of vulnerability arriving at strength. Five Red Sentries watches over loss and transforms it into understanding.” — Barbara Klar, author of Cypress

“Drawing on astronomy, nature and the body, Raye Hendrickson dazzles the reader with images of stars and flowers, stones and chakras in words that rearrange our way of perceiving the world and make us experience love and what it is to be alive with new eyes. In poems close to the earth and never far from memory of the prairie farm, the minimalist words spin you under to rise again in a dance of life filled with epiphanies.” — gillian harding-russell, author of In Another Air

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