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The Hills Are Shadows

ISBN: 978-1-927068-91-5

Lost in an unfamiliar world, a girl named Tennyson and her friends search for home and parents and have strange encounters with humans and non-humans, in increasingly dangerous situations.

When Anne Tennyson Miller (known as Tenn) brings her friend Una from her distant homeland to join the Miller family, she prepares her for culture shock. However a different kind of shock awaits them. They find a ghost town; the sea is rising rapidly; the climate is changing, and all the people have fled to the mountains.

The two go to nearby Bracula College, where Tenn's parents worked and where she was a student. There they exist by eating the food left in the kitchen, and sleeping in the dormitory, all the while fearfully aware that someone is stalking them. When they finally corner their stalker, they find no terrifying enemy, but two boys from a far country, left behind in the general exodus. Together the four set out on the long journey to the mountains.

Although none of them can drive, they set off in an abandoned car, which Tenn manages to drive. When the car breaks down, they proceed on foot. They have dangerous encounters with humans and non-humans, and several narrow escapes.

When the four eventually reach the mountaintop, another shock awaits them. Tenn is happily reunited with her family but instead of a safe haven, they find that the population is divided into hostile camps. War is about to break out over food supplies, weapons, and water.

"Plenty of action . . . unusual characters . . .well-paced prose . . . a fantasy to transport readers from their daily reality to another world." — C.M. Magazine

  • The Canadian Children's Book Centre's Best Books for Kids and Teens 2014 Selection


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