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gillian harding russell has two collections of poetry, Candles in my Head (Ekstasis Editions, 2001), and Vertigo (River Books, 2004). She won first prize in the poetry section of Saskatchewan Writers' Guild's short literary contest in 2006 for "Roses, Lovers and God" judged by Tim Bowling, and in 2005 first prize for "Nothing Prepared Me for Winter" judged by Susan Musgrave. In 2004, she also won second prize in The New Quarterly Review's summer theme contest for "Among the poplar, sometimes birds". Her poetry has been published in numerous literary journals across Canada and she is a frequent reviewer for Event and Prairie Fire.







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I forgot to tell you

ISBN: 978-1-897235-34-8

The title of this collection carries the urgent suggestion of withheld knowledge or something that has been suppressed but must be told. The poems reach out from the page with this narrative energy while maintaining an ironic weight of understatement. The collection is divided into five sections, each one offering its own collective theme, while together, like the fingers of a hand, combining for greater purpose.
I forgot to tell you guides the reader through a corridor of secrets where the mysterious and the mystical are whispered, then shouted, to move us to the intimacy that Russell shares with us.


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