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A. E. Chandler holds a master of arts with merit from the University of Nottingham, where she wrote her dissertation on the social history behind Robin Hood. Living in England, and travelling in Europe, Asia, and Africa have also contributed to her stories and characters — she has been chased by a camel rider through the Sahara Desert, skated down a volcano in Sicily, and gotten unintentionally locked inside of a prison in France. Chandler’s short stories, poetry, and articles have appeared in both print and online publications, and she self-published a book of collected non-fiction entitled Into the World : 62 Devotions to Edify & Inspire. Currently, she lives in Calgary where she volunteers with the Glenbow Museum’s military collection. 





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The Scarlet Forest: A Tale of Robin Hood

ISBN: 978-1-77187-138-9

You are invited underneath the great greenwood tree to hear how a young man became a hero, and a hero became a legend. When Robin takes a shortcut through Sherwood Forest, the path he chooses leads not to Nottingham’s archery contest, but to a life on the run from the law. Unable now to become a knight, and joined by his childhood friends, Robin Hood leads the most infamous outlaw band ever to evade the king and his sheriff.

Blending true history with new stories, popular inaccuracies, and some almost forgotten medieval legends, The Scarlet Forest brings a new life to the greenwood, which here feels as fresh as it does traditional. With an academic background in medieval English studies, A. E. Chandler captivates with this unique and nuanced reinterpretation of Robin Hood’s struggles and adventures. The forest is waiting.

 “I especially liked the valuable historical context, and interwoven historical events. It is also great to see such a strong female character.” — Dr. Gwilym Dodd, medieval historian at the University of Nottingham

 “In this retelling of the tale of Robin Hood, Amy Chandler subtly weaves together the recognizable aspects of the legend with real historical detail regarding such themes as social inequality, anticlericalism, and the nature of law and criminal justice in the Middle Ages.” – Dr. Mark Konnert, University of Calgary’s Head of the Department of History

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