Bernadette Wagner

Bernadette Wagner is a multi-genre writer, mother, community educator, and a community organizer living in Regina, Saskatchewan. Her poetry has been broadcast on radio and TV, published in journals and anthologies, and has appeared in film, on CD, and on the web. She maintains a multi-author blog on women’s issues and political activism.














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Bernadette Wagner


Saskatchewan writer Bernadette Wagner’s first book is examination (and cross-examination) of place, heart, politics, the socio-placement of women in the land and their quest for spiritual grace and worth. The poems tell of personal encounters with death, sexual assault, children, family, hard work, and a woman’s transformation from a bad-luck existence into a meaningful new life. The book’s trajectory is from young girl to wise crone and the poems are divided into these sections accordingly — Maiden, Mother, Crone. Detailed images of mundane family homes, farms, and yards act as backdrop to the human discourse and at times counterpoint the emotional politics and heaviness of a life weighed down with routine and questionable value. The insightful and powerful forces turned loose by the narrator stir all the emotional cul de sacs she experiences.

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