Terry Chamberlain

Terry Chamberlain was born and still lives, with his wife Esther, in rural Saskatchewan. He worked as a teacher for thirty-two years, and farmed for thirteen of those years. He is a well-known columnist and narrator, with pieces featured on CBC Radio, and in the Saskatoon Sunday Sun, Rural Roots, the Moose Jaw Times-Herald, Ag World News and Western People. Chamberlain has read throughout the prairies from his first book, The ABCs of Farming (Thistledown 1999). It is currently in its fifth printing.







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The ABCs of Retirement: How To Not Work and Love It

ISBN: 978-1-894345-49-1

From the acclaimed author of The ABCs of Farming: A Lighthearted Dictionary of Stubble-jumper Jargon comes a hilarious new guide to the various challenges, follies and pitfalls of retirement and the pleasures of loafing. Whether it is the niceties of retirement income, athletic activities for seniors, or the crisis of health care, Chamberlain renovates the aging process with a truly youthful awareness of life's many ironies.


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