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Terry Chamberlain was born and still lives, with his wife Esther, in rural Saskatchewan. He worked as a teacher for thirty-two years, and farmed for thirteen of those years. He is a well-known columnist and narrator, with pieces featured on CBC Radio, and in the Saskatoon Sunday Sun, Rural Roots, the Moose Jaw Times-Herald, Ag World News and Western People. Chamberlain has read throughout the prairies from his first book, The ABCs of Farming (Thistledown 1999). It is currently in its fifth printing.







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The ABCs of Farming

ISBN: 978-1-895449-94-5

So you’re driving down the highway on a prairie evening in mid-summer with your cousin from Sarnia. Or it’s a grid road on the way to the family reunion with your aunt from Nanaimo. Everything’s fine until the relative asks: “What’s that crop in the field there?” or “What’s that farmer pulling behind his tractor?” This is the nightmare for prairie people not raised on a farm. What is that stuff anyway? We may think we know culture, but not agriculture.
And what about visitors to this fair land who hurtle down Number One as quickly and grimly as possible, completely ignorant of the wealth of life and activity that surrounds them? Live in fear and haste no more. Terry Chamberlain — farmboy, farmer, teacher, man of the land and small-town streets — lays it out in this easy-to-understand, sometimes irreverent, and always hilarious guide to the farming life.

Born in Smeaton, Saskatchewan, Terry Chamberlain still lives in rural Saskatchewan. He was a teacher for thirty-two years and farmed for thirteen of those years. Chamberlain is a well-known columnist and narrator of a series of commentaries for CBC Radio.


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