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 Stephen Henighan is the author of three novels, including The Streets of Winter (2004), and three short story collections, including A Grave in the Air (2007). He has more than 45 publications in magazines and anthologies worldwide, and writes an influential column on culture for Geist. His journalism has appeared in The Globe and Mail, The Times Literary Supplement, and more. He has been a finalist for the Governor General’s Award, the Canada Prize in the Humanities, a McNally Robinson Fiction Prize, a National Magazine Award, and a Western Magazine Award. Henighan teaches Spanish-American literature at the University of Guelph.




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A Grave In the Air

ISBN: 978-1-897235-29-4

Sweeping from Nazi Germany in 1939 to the war in Bosnia in the 1990s, Stephen Henighan’s A Grave in the Air is a masterful sequence of stories. In these tales, dominated by Central and Eastern European themes, readers are transported across borders and into the lives of characters who have something serious at stake, people enmeshed in acts of destruction, and people redeemed through honour and grace. These narratives bear Henighan’s cosmopolitan stamp, but they do not take place in a sanitized global village. There are no stereotypes on which to hang a plot, no filtered sense of the human condition. There are stories of betrayal, luminous studies of introspection and character, and ironic stories of historical displacement.

Whether moving readers to reflection or providing engaging entertainment, Henighan’s prose is sharp and clean. Once again, he is as instructive in his understanding of peoples and cultures as he is instinctive in taking us inside the worlds that shape them.


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