Rita Bouvier

Rita Bouvier was born and grew up in Ile a la Crosse, Saskatchewan, on the Churchill River System. Although she currently resides in Saskatoon, she remains strongly connected to her roots in Northern Saskatchewan.

Bouvier is an educator and a writer. She has published two collections of poetry with Thistledown Press, Blueberry Clouds (1999) and papîyâhtak (2004), and has been nominated for several Saskatchewan Book Awards. Bouvier’s poetry has been translated into Spanish and German, and her work has appeared in literary anthologies, musicals, and television productions. In 2008 the Gabriel Dumont Institute published the collaborative children’s book Better That Way with artists Sherry Farrell-Racette and Margaret Gardiner, based on the title poem from papîyâhtak. Bouvier lives in Saskatoon.




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Blueberry Clouds

ISBN: 978-1-895449-97-6

Rita Bouvier's Blueberry Clouds is a poignant exploration of the wellsprings of memory, language, and family that have shaped the contemporary experience of Aboriginal people in Canada. The violence and sustaining traditions of the past are brought into a single vision that revels in the power of the Cree and Mechif languages, eliciting a hope and beauty that is rooted in the rich history of Saskatchewan. Conversations with relatives, introspection, a love of the land, and a respect for values passed on through an extended family define this clear, humane voice.

This first book is invested with a spiritual belief and political awareness that make Rita Bouvier an original and provocative writer.


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