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Because her parents “made it to a hospital on time,” Paulette Dubé was born in Westlock, Alberta. Growing up in the French village of Legal, she watched her third sister being born on the kitchen table and was hooked on “magic,” as her dad called it. Today, she relies heavily on the good fortune of living in Jasper National Park with her family for her daily dose of magic realism. Talon, her first novel, made the shortlists for the 1999 Canadian Literary Awards, the Alberta Writers’ Guild Best Novel Award (2003) and the Starburst Award (2003). Her poetry garnered a number of rewards including the Milton Acorn Memorial People’s Poetry Award (1994), the CBC Alberta Anthology (1998) and the CBC Literary Awards (2005).





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Paulette Dubé’s fifth book of poetry takes an intimate look at the movements made by animals and humans during a cycle of four seasons. The poems are rich in their simplicity, and convey the depth and mystery of the animal-human connection. Reverse anthropomorphism occurs and the humans come away having (un)learned something about the citizens of the forest while deepening an understanding of themselves. The poems stress that as a species we are lost and lonely without our connection to the land, but that this connection reverberates with consequences.

“Dubé writes that she ‘…loves this place without being romantic, witty or urbane about it…’ and this promise is delivered through every poem. There is an unaffected, refreshing candor in these poems that is simply stunning, if not, at times, devastating.” — Thomas Trofimuk, author of Waiting For Columbus

"Her poems most strongly suggest a real humility when faced with the natural world, how it gets on with life, both survives and lets go, and a gratitude for how it can heal human trauma." — Jan Horne, Prairie Fire Magazine 


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