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Paula Jane Remlinger, author of this guide, is a teacher and writer. She has a B.A. Honours (English) and a B.Ed. She also holds certificates in Adult Education and Teaching English as a Second Language. Paula Jane has experience teaching grades 7 to 12, adults, and ESL students. She lives in Saskatoon.








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Short Story Anthology Guide

Up All Night - Teacher Resource Guide

ISBN: 978-1-894345-51-4

This Teacher Resource Guide allows for student exploration into Up All Night, Thistledown's highly recommended high school short story collection. The guide will evoke those study questions and create the kind of in class activities and discussion that are an essential part of the school reading experience. Many of the stories in Up All Night have their challenges —  as the stories' subjects range from issues of teen pregnancy and school bullying to sibling rivalry and hatred.

This Teacher Resource Guide has been created to guide discussion on difficult topics and still create the most beneficial language activities from the writing in the stories. Built on the sound premises of establishing the teaching focus on the writing elements of plot, theme, character, and style in order to elicit student response, the guide also allows for extensive research probing and other library work to encourage student discussion, and feedback on contemporary issues.


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