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106 pages / paper

For Novels:

Yuletide Blues
Fish House Secret
Soldier Boys

Grades 9 & 10

Novels Teacher Resource Guide

ISBN: 978-1-895449-46-4

 The Thistledown Novels Guide includes: R. P. MacIntyre's Yuletide Blues, Kathy Stinson's Fish House Secrets, David Richards's Soldier Boys, and Lesley Choyce's The Second Season of Jonas MacPherson.Designed to enhance the work of both teachers and students, the guide treats the novels independently, though there is ample opportunity for overlap should the teacher choose to emphasize the common elements among them. For each of the novels the arrangement, then, is as follows: the Overview section, which includes:

  • Teaching Focus;
  • Plot (Content);
  • Characterization;
  • Themes;
  • The Writer's Craft (Structure and Style);

the Questions section, divided into:

  • Reader Response;
  • General Questions;
  • Other Activities;

finally, there is a series of Essay Questions to further develop students' writing and research skills.

The Thistledown Novels Guide subscribes to various teaching strategies, neither absolute nor necessarily explicit, but nonetheless an essential foundation from which teachers and students alike can effectively work. In the guide four key terms outline the primary teaching strategies:

  • Interaction,
  • Interpretation,
  • Critical Thinking,and
  • Action.

For thematic connections see specific title.

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