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Marty Chan is a nationally-known dramatist, screenwriter and author. He is the recent winner of the Edmonton Book Prize for his juvenile novel The Mystery of the Frozen Brains and former Gemini-nominated and gold medal winner for “The Orange Seed Myth and Other Lies Mothers Tell”. His second book in the Marty Chan Mystery Series, The Mystery of the Graffiti Ghoul was shortlisted for two 2007 young readers’ awards and the 2007 Arthur Ellis Crime Writers of Canada Award in the Best Juvenile category.  Marty Chan lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Barnabas Bigfoot: The Bone Eater

ISBN: 978-1-927068-43-4

The Bone Eater is the third installment of Marty Chan’s successful and hugely entertaining Barnabas Bigfoot series.
Book three once more follows the daring adventures of sasquatch Barnabas and his pals, Hannah and Ruth. This time, the intrepid trio must confront the Bone Eater; a legendary creature from sasquatch mythology who suddenly enters their world. Barnabas, Hannah, and Ruth must warn the scattered sasquatch tribe about this fearsome monster who surely poses a greater threat to their existence than the dreaded hunting humans. Or does she?
Throughout the novel, established loyalties are pushed to the limit as our protagonists face a triple threat: the Bone Eater, Mr. Roland’s relentless sasquatch hunters, and double-crossing sasquatch Dogger Dogwood. As the action-filled narrative develops, Barnabas is forced to stand up for what he knows to be right, even in the face of disbelief from his own tribe. Resultingly, the long-standing values of sasquatch culture — loyalty, selflessness, honesty — are thoroughly tested. Will they prove to be solid and unyielding, or will they crumble at the hand of adversity?

The Bone Eater is a tense, fast-paced tale which is balanced perfectly by an abundancy of Chan’s trademark warm humour and inviting dialogue. The book also provides many teachable, lesson-filled moments about tolerance, identity, and forgiveness. These messages are always delivered with subtlety and blended seamlessly into the action. The ending, pointing towards a new and great adventure, is guaranteed to leave young readers wanting more from Marty Chan and his charming sasquatch creation, Barnabas Bigfoot.


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