Mari-Lou Rowley

Mari-Lou Rowley's first book of poetry, a Knife a Rope a Book, was published by Underwhich Editions in Toronto in 1990. Since then she has published four collections and performed her work across Canada-from Harbourfront to Hornby Island. Her poetry has appeared in literary magazines and anthologies in Canada and the US, and this September she was one of two Canadian poets to perform at Bumbershoot, Seattle's arts extravaganza.

Mari-Lou Rowley's latest collections of poetry Interference with the Hydrangea from Thistledown Press (2003) and Viral Suite from Anvil Press (2004) have both received critical acclaim.

Mari-Lou lives in Vancouver, where she works as a science and corporate writer, facilitates corporate-cultural partnerships, and "walks the line between language and lyric."

"Mari-Lou Rowley slows the line down so you can hear the syllabic compliments, the weight of heavy blossoms..."
The Georgia Straight, re: Interference with the Hydrangea

"Rowley pulls us into a teaming world of biological and physical processes, where thought and emotion are physics and chemistry, and the subatomic world a model of spiritual grace."
The Globe and Mail, re: Viral Suite

"Mari-Lou Rowley blends mental discipline with esthetic intuition in works that resonate with a sharply defined sensitivity to language, feeling and spirit." — Paul Dutton

"Mari-Lou Rowley takes us down a homeo path of scientific and poetic lyric in an amazement of molecular dance through the lush genetics of life on the move. Very contagious stuff." — Fred Wah






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Mari-Lou Rowley


Revelations, unnatural acts and errant reveries drive Mari-Lou Rowley’s third poetry collection. Her title serves notice to the reader that the poetry will be imbued with the retribution of tampering with nature.

These are not safe romantic lyrics or hybrid narratives; rather, they are the shadows of the unknown, the ominous acts of chance and coincidence. Interference with the Hydrangea evolves its own radiant energy — the way “a scream at night mingles with a dog’s bark,” the way a plant silently follows the sun.

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