Helen Mourre

Helen Mourre lives in Sovereign, Saskatchewan where she farms and writes. Her first book Landlocked was nominated for a Saskatchewan First Book award in 1998.

Mourre has had a number of her stories published in such literary journals as NeWest Review, Grain, and Western People. Her story "Things Happen" was included in the award-winning anthology Takes: Stories for Young Adults (Thistledown, 1996), and "Landlocked" was broadcast on CBC's Ambience. Mourre resides in Sovereign, Saskatchewan where she teaches and farms with her family.








short fiction

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ISBN: 978-1-895449-74-7

Whatever it has taken to shape the prairie and its rhythm has also shaped and captured its people. Helen Mourre’s stories reveal these people in this place with subtle grace and dignity. The present is not merely an echo of the past, it is amplified by it. Yet there is no brashness here — the prairie will not tolerate it. There is only a wry awareness — authentic and honest.


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