Harold Johnson

Born and raised in northern Saskatchewan, Harold Johnson has a Master of Law degree from Harvard University and most recently worked as a Crown Prosecutor. He has served in the Canadian Navy, and worked in mining and logging. Johnson is the author of five works of fiction, several of which are set in northern Saskatchewan against a background of traditional Cree mythology. He is also the author of two non-fiction titles. His most recent novel, Corvus, was shortlisted for the 2016 Saskatchewan Book Award for Aboriginal Peoples' Writing, and The Cast Stone won the 2011 Saskatchewan Book Award for Fiction. 

Johnson lives "off the grid" in La Ronge, Saskatchewan, with his wife, where he operates his family's traditional trap line.






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Billy Tinker

ISBN: 978-1-894345-33-0

This is a gritty tale detailing the hardships faced by labourers (once known as “packsack miners”) in Northern Saskatchewan mining camps.

Billy Tinker offers a rare combination of realism and magic that draws out many of the contradictions and tests faced by Native Canadians and the working class. Billy’s anger and the loneliness of his itinerant lifestyle are transformed by a sweat lodge ceremony, and the “little people” through whom he renews his connections to the land and his culture.


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