H.E. Taylor

Harvey Taylor lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba where he works as a computer programmer and writer.

Water is H.E. Taylor’s first novel.













221 pages/trade paper

Available in the US
World Rights Available


ISBN: 978-1-897235-23-2

When all the animals are gone, and the world become a desert, where shall hope be found? After the extinctions, a post-human Métis woman reaches out in hope and encounters a strange and unexpected future.

Billie Featherstone is one of few people to survive “the great extinction” thanks to a genetic mutation carried largely in the Metis population. Her skeleton is charged with Restart — a video game-like element for reanimating. She routinely patrols the biological war-plagued borders of her people’s territory where extinctions abound, deserts spread, and post-humans struggle. Water is a solidly researched novel inspired by the mathematical extrapolation of the length of time a technological civilization can exist. From such thinking, Taylor creates a world of the future based on society’s current environmental indifference.


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